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Nancy Nagrant is a working actor in New York City, with an extensive resume in television, film,
and theater. She began producing in earnest in 2014, vowing only to produce work in which she
could also star, only to discover she quite liked being a producer. Since then she’s produced 5
shorts, 2 full-length plays, and numerous developmental readings. Her films have played at
major film festivals, including Academy-Award qualifiers St. Louis, Woodstock, Reel Sisters, and
LA Shorts; and have collected more than 80 official selections, 21 awards, and an additional 33
nominations. Nancy loves ushering work from development through distribution, and is
passionate about creating work featuring women protagonists. She currently has a short horror
film in post-production, as well as 3 shorts and her first feature in development. Nancy was born
and raised in Michigan before moving to NYC to pursue an acting career. She received her BA in
Theater with a minor in psychology from Western Michigan University. Nancy lives in Brooklyn
with her husband, and loves travel and other people’s pets and children, especially her 7 nieces
and nephews. Nancy has been practicing Vedic Meditation every day for the past 10 years.

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