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MISSION: As a producer, I am keenly interested in generating work for film, television, and theatre with an emphasis on women protagonists. By choosing stories in which women are at the center of the action we diversify the storytelling spectrum, and through diversity we create opportunities for greater empathy and understanding, and ultimately a more equitable society. I chose Anemone as a name because it means many things -- a flower, a sea creature, a fish -- all delightful.

BEGINNING: Anemone’s inaugural production was the short film Find Some Love (2015) written by Michele Aldin Kushner, and directed by Melissa Attebery. The next project was a reading of a new play by Steven Fechter (writer of the award-winning 2004 film The Woodsman). The play, Genesis, was directed by Emmy Award winner Michael Laibson, and performed in 2016 for an enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd at Theatre 54 in NYC.


SHORT FILMS: Anemone produced 3 short films in 2018-19, all directed by Michelle Bossy -- Miracle Baby, another collaboration with Mr. Fechter in which I star alongside Stephen Kunken (Billions, The Handmaid's Tale); Incurable, written by & starring Josephine Cashman; and Stag Party, written by & starring Sami Bass alongside Alex Hernandez (UnREAL, Bloodshot).


FESTIVAL CIRCUIT: Miracle Baby  and Incurable started their film festival journeys in 2020, which was an interesting ride, to say the least. There was uncertainty, frustration, and heartbreak, but also pride, inspiration, triumph, and so much gratitude. These films collectively have 64 Official Selections, garnering 19 wins, and an additional 24 nominations.

THEATRE: Anemone also has produced 2 world-premiere, full-length theatre productions -- Rosemary and Time by Jennifer Fell Hayes that played at Paradise Factory Theater in NYC in 2018; and The Battles of Richmond Hill by Penny Jackson that played at HERE in 2019. Both productions were directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan.

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